Is Trading Company UAE is the supplier of high standard organic food products located in Business Bay, Dubai.

We strive to give our customers the best quality natural, healthy and tasty organic products originated in Russia. Our products are 100% natural that means we do not use artificial preservatives and enhancers and all of our products are free from GMO’s. We have built a reputation for being a trusted brand as our goal is to give our customers the highest quality products that match today’s modern lifestyle.

The main products that we sell are:
Raw frozen and Raw Salted wild sea fish (Salmonidae family such as COHO Salmon, Chum, Pink Salmon, Red Salmon, Giant Squid, King Crab and more: see description) as well as Fruit and Vegetable healthy chips, Ready-to-eat organic vegetable soups (HORECA), Cheesecakes, Glazed frozen cheese snack, Cakes and Natural Honey.

Products origin country is Russia where we have our own production factory and what is more important – our own land fields where we grow up raw product.

It directly affects 2 factors which are the Price and the Quality of our products that we can guarantee.

White Rabbit Food Stuff believes in long-term and fruitful engagement in an honest and transparent manner, and therefore has a tremendous track record of satisfied clients being their suppliers, dealers or customers. Our permanent customers such as Aeroflot, Etihad Airlines, and 11 000 chain supermarkets in Russia is the best proof of our success.